Inputs and Use of Biodiesel

Inputs and Use of Biodiesel

Note: *This lesson should be preceded by or taught concurrently with the History and Production of Biodiesel lesson.

Nebraska AFNR:
Standard 7: Students will recognize the historical, social, cultural, and potential applications of biotechnology.

  • Benchmark 7.2: Investigate current and future application of biotechnology in agriculture.

Nebraska AFNR Environmental Science:
Standard 4: Students will differentiate non-renewable and renewable energy sources.

  • Benchmark 4.3: Predict and present future energy use based on population growth.
  • Benchmark 4.4: Determine alternative sources available for use.


  • The student will understand the different material options for biodiesel production.
  • The student will understand the past, current, and future uses of biodiesel.
  • The student will understand and describe the different market segments for biodiesel in the U.S. and worldwide.
Inputs and Use of Biodiesel Lesson Plan (PDF)