Bringing Soybeans to the Table

Bringing Soybeans to the Table

Nebraska AFNR:
Standard 9: Students will demonstrate competence in knowledge of the food science industry.

  • Benchmark 9.1: Evaluate how different foods affect the human body and its physical and cellular processes.

Nebraska Science Standards:

  • SC12.3.1.a: Students will... Identify the complex molecules that make up living organisms.
  • SC12.3.3: Students will describe, on a molecular level, the cycling of matter and the flow of energy between organisms and their environment.


  • The student will understand the nutrient breakdown of soybeans and the necessity of essential amino acids.
  • The student will compare and contrast different types of protein sources and their ability to be used in the human body.
  • The student will create a complete meal plan that uses soybeans as a protein source.
Bringing Soybeans to the Table Lesson Plan (PDF)